MBIS Ch KUSA National Puppy '02 Strathaven Made You Look 

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Blue Merle, Tan & White HD 0:0 ED 0:0

DOB: 13 April 2001

 Eyes Cleared annually


Wynonna - 6 weeks

Wynonna* got her name from being the first and only daughter from our very first own home bred litter of both her mother and father. Although her mother was born in South Africa she was bred in the USA.  Wynonna has a sweet expression and two beautiful blue eyes.  So far captured the hearts of many in the same way as her dad did.  She has the same temperament as her father and is always willing to please and eager to learn.  

Watch for Wynonna in a ring near you!

*Wynonna -(American Indian) "the first born"

Puppy Group 1 - Judge Mr J Horswell (UK)


Best Puppy in Show - Judge Mrs M Boyd (NZ)

13 October 2001

Wynonna made her debut at the Spring weekend taking both bitch CC's and Reserve Best of Breed over specials on both days.  She won both Best Puppy awards and then went on to win the Herding Puppy Group both days.  On the Saturday under two overseas judges she managed to gain top spot goingBest Puppy on Show

The breed & group was judged by Mr Jeff Horswell (UK) 

Best Puppy in Show was judged by Mrs Maureen Boyd (New Zealand)






6 CC Bitch from the 6-9 puppy class

6 Best Puppy

3 Puppy Group 1

1 Best Puppy In Show


32 CC Bitch certificates

8 Best Puppy

3 Puppy Group 1

1 Best Junior in Show

12 Best of Breeds over specials

4 Group places

#1 Australian Shepherd - Best of Breed

Working & Herding Breeds Dog of the Year Qualifier*

Alpo Full Course Dog of the Year Qualifier*

Final 10 dogs at Dog of the Year at 14 months of age - all breeds

Junior Dog of the Year Qualifier

KUSA National Puppy '02**



Wynonna - Best Junior In Show, Judge Mr J Rowles (Aus)



(with limited showing)

7 Best of Breeds

7 Group places - 1 Group 1

2 Mini Grand in Show - Reserve Best of Breeds

1 Reserve Best In Show

Working & Herding Dog of the Year Qualifier*

Alpo Full course Dog of the Year Qualifier - All breeds*

Final 10 dogs at Dog of the Year

#1 Australian Shepherd - Animal Talk ratings

#3 Herding dog - Animal Talk ratings


Wynonna - August 2003

Wynonna - Alpo Full Course Dog of the Year

Wynonna - October '02, Judge Mrs Lyn Harwood (Aus)

Wynonna - Group 1, S A Ladies Kennel Association

Wynonna - Reserve Best In Show, Judge Mr J Nallem (Uruguay)

Wynonna - October '03


What a way to start the year!!!

Roodepoort & Districts Kennel Club - Judge Mrs M Hoy (Aus), BOB, Group 1 & Reserve Best In Show (Judge Mrs Weston, Aus)

Transvaal Midlands Kennel Club - Judge Mr B Weston (Aus), BOB, Group 1 & BEST IN SHOW!! 

Witwatersrand Kennel Club - Judge Ms B McHugh (Can), BOB & Group 1 



Wynonna - Reserve Best In Show, Judge Mrs Weston (Australia)





Wynonna - Best In Show, Judge Mr B Weston (Australia)



Wynonna - March '04

June 2004

Working & Herding Breeds of the Gold Reef - Judge Mr John Walshe (Ireland), BOB & Group 2

Wynonna follows in her Dad's footsteps (Dollar) by winning the prestigious event - Working & Herding Dog of the Year 2004 - Judge Mr John Walshe (Ireland)

Australian Shepherd Club of Gauteng - Judge Mr J Walshe Jnr (Ireland), Best of Breed

August 2004

Goldfields Kennel Club - Judge Mr L Terricone (USA), Best of Breed & Group 1 

Goldfields Kennel Club - Judge Mr A Goodwin (Australia), BEST IN SHOW!!

Wynonna was #5 All Breeds, #1 Herding dog & #1 Bitch All Breeds Animal Talk Rating for 2004!


Wynonna - Retired and relaxing on the lawn on a late summer afternoon


Wynonna is now in retirement ... but relaxes while she watches over her daughter following in her footsteps ... Neala now also boasts back-to-back Best in Show wins at the end of 2008 putting her as # 3 Herding Dog, # 2 Bitch All Breeds and #14 All Breeds in the Animal Talk Top 100 ratings



* This competition is by invitation only and the dog & bitch with the most Best of Breeds in each breed are invited to compete at this prestigious event.

** This title is the highest title any puppy can win and is only open to Best Puppy In Show winners of each year.  It is also the only title that can be added to a dogs pedigree name in South Africa.

Photo Credits - MC (Michelle Colborne) Lasting Image Photography